iSeries & AS/400 utility programs
Our consultants are highly experienced in all areas of RPG and CL programming, systems design and project leading. We have also developed a number of utility programs to simplify many common programming tasks.

Record validation utility
We have developed a utility to check the contents of a record and ensure that it contains valid data for each field type. Before you write a record to a file you can call the utility program, passing the data as a character string, and the name of the externally described record format as parameters, and receive a return code indicating which field may cause a decimal data, or other similar error.
Contact us if you would like to purchase a copy.

Other utilities
We have developed a number of other general purpose iSeries & AS/400 utilities. Contact us about your requirements, and, if we do not have some thing ready made, we can quickly develop it!

While these are no longer of interest for new customers, we retain the documentation here as we still have customers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Turkey who use the software we developed to cope with their Y2K problems.

  Information about the Y2K software